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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2018

2018 is around the corner and coming in hot with new and innovative event trends. Brides now have an array of choices with these up and coming trends, can verge far from traditional trends and stand out 1.) Metallic Cakes Shimmering metals don't have to stop at decor, they are now popping up on desserts and cakes, serving as complimentary statement pieces. 2.) Experience Menus Paper menus are so 2017, non-traditional "experience" menus are now trending and limitless when it c

Venue Coordinator vs. Day-of Coordinator

So, you've booked your venue! Congrats, as this was a huge check in the box and one of the biggest steps of wedding planning! Per the conversation you had with the venue salesperson or the contract they gave you, you may have seen that the venue sometimes provides a coordinator. Don't be fooled! This could mean that there is someone on-site that will help with the flow on the venue's behalf. But, who has YOUR back? There are several things that day-of coordinator will do that

My favorite color combo: Teal & Gold

My favorite colors are teal and gold. You will find them in my apartment, and you will most likely find them in my future wedding! Picking wedding colors that reflect your personal style and character are important. Are you bold? Are you pastel? Are you a little of both? You can go for a modern or vintage look, or really go for it with a bright color like scarlet. offers a unique tool to help you find that perfect color palette.

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