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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2018

2018 is around the corner and coming in hot with new and innovative event trends. Brides now have an array of choices with these up and coming trends, can verge far from traditional trends and stand out

1.) Metallic Cakes

Shimmering metals don't have to stop at decor, they are now popping up on desserts and cakes, serving as complimentary statement pieces.

2.) Experience Menus

Paper menus are so 2017, non-traditional "experience" menus are now trending and limitless when it comes to presentation.

3.) Projection Mapping

High resolution projection mapping can add the 'awe' factor to any wedding. It combines images and video onto walls or ceilings of any space. Guests will be transported visually and can transform walls into your dream venue.

3.) Suspended Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements don't have to be centerpieces anymore. Having them hang from the ceiling helps create depth, dimension and a real show-stopper!

4.) Social Media

Wedding hashtags are a great way to collate your wedding guests’ photos on social media. Brides are becoming more creative, and always coming up with a unique way to display the couple's names and tie it with a fun slogan. Snapchat geofilters are also super popular. You can come up with creative designs or keep it simple. Your friends will be snapping away all night anyway, so why not!

5.) Unique Invitations, Save the Dates & Envelopes

Say bye to boring! From hand-made paper, acrylic plastic to see-through envelopes.

Make a statement, be bold.

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