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Events as an Effective Marketing Tool

I want highlight the importance of using events as an effective marketing tool. Many people use several different marketing tools to promote their business such as paid print ads, traditional media advertising (tv, radio) and social media. And YES you can obtain these "impressions" and reach the masses by those methods listed. On the contrary, events develop a very different dimension and translate into visible ROI.

I firmly believe and have witnessed that events can effectively help sell your product or promote your business in the best way! The importance of making a personal connection with your clients is often overlooked. Building those relationships to establish trust by giving potential customers that face time is essential. That personal interaction can help eradicate the hours and weeks you put in cold-calling, email sales pitching and get tons of customers in front of you all in one day!

Now, if you are a venue (restaurant, business center, special event center) I highly recommend holding events to get foot traffic in your door. The exposure you can get from holding an event could be 10 times the regular traffic, especially on your "dead nights", and that will translate into instant revenue. This now brings me to address hosting an event, another extension of event marketing. Becoming the host or the sponsor of event can really do wonders for your visibility, credibility and is a huge power play. Real-life experiences are more engaging and can shape our memories regarding branding so much more profoundly than anything else.

If you are interested in using event marketing for your business please don't hesitate to contact me! Hosting an event can give you the opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do, while bringing the right people together and creating a lasting impression.

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